Course Description

In this 3+ hour masterclass, Fujifilm ambassador and Adobe Lightroom Certified Expert, Piet Van den Eynde, shows you a number of ideas and techniques to create stunning, flash-lit portraits on location. Piet also covers the essential gear you need and where you can get it without breaking the bank. 

Follow along as he lights and edits five different portraits of steampunk model Major Theodoricus. Piet reveals how he combines lighting and postprocessing techniques to create an edgy, contemporary style that suits a variety of subjects. 

Whether you want to get better at lighting senior portraits, travel images, corporate shoots, wedding images or just create stunning images of your own family, the techniques you’ll learn in this Location Lighting Masterclass are invaluable. Exercise files and a couple of bonus Creative Profiles for Lightroom are included.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Shoot Videos

    • Read Me First

    • 00 - Course Practice Files Download

    • Introduction

    • Shoot 1.1

    • Shoot 1.2

    • Shoot 1.3

    • Shoot 2

    • Shoot 3

  • 02

    Edit Videos

    • Edits 1.1

    • Edits 1.2

    • Edits 1.3

    • Edits 2

    • Edits 3

    • Extra Bonus Video

Piet Van den Eynde

Instructor Bio:

Piet is a Belgian photographer, author, and Lightroom + flash photography trainer with a serious passion for travel photography.

Piet Van den Eynde